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Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation and Natural Lighting Powder

Hello, Koh Gen Do Cosmetics is a Japanese brand that was founded 20 years ago.  They are known for their high definition makeup and their products are widely used in the film industry.  I read that the Koh Gen Do products have been used in over 200 international films.  The products are available at Barneys New York, Sephora, and the Koh Gen Do website.

I am excited to share with you my experience on Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation and Natural Lighting Powder.  I have been using the foundation for over two weeks and the powder this week, so far I really like both products.  I purchased both products from Barneys New York.

Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation in 113

According to the Koh Gen Do website,  Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation is a:

"Mineral makeup cream foundation that turns into liquid foundation when applied with 60% water encapsulated into the formula to give you the superior coverage of a cream foundation and a smooth, sheer finish like a liquid foundation."  

Coverage - Light to Medium and buildable.  It is not like other cream foundations that are generally heavier in coverage and feel.  This is not for you if you are looking for a high coverage cream foundation
Color - 113 is a light yellow based color that will help correct redness in the skin.  I was originally matched with 013 which has a pink undertone, the pink undertone was detectable and noticeably different from the color of my neck.  I had to exchange it to 113 which is a better match.  It is just a tad darker for me, but 112 is too light.  The website explains the color numbering system for the different skin tones
Finish - On the box, it says it offers a natural matte finish.  However, it is not matte on my skin, but instead it gives a very natural finish.  It is hard to detect the makeup on my skin even if I apply a couple layers of it
Scent - Fragrance free
Skin type - Normal to Dry
Price - High.  $62 for 0.71 oz..  I am used to most liquid or cream foundations that offer at least 1 oz. of product.  Koh Gen Do offers less product compared to other brands
Lasting Power - I don't feel that it lasts all day for me, it helps if I use a setting powder
Repurchase? - Maybe, I say this only because the price is on the high side.  However, I do like that it has no artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum based mineral oil or paraben.  The formula is comfortable and the finish is natural on the skin.  I also want to give kudos to the packaging because you do not waste product with the tube packaging and it is easy to pack for travelling

Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Natural Lighting Powder

What it is according to the Koh Gen Do website:

"A light beige loose powder that uses a unique, ultra-fine pearl powder formula to camouflage uneven skin tones. The soft, refined pearls diffuse light to cover pores and balance skin surfaces for a natural, luminescent glow. Can be worn by itself for a nice soft glow or as a finishing powder to set your foundation.  Contains natural moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid, making it an ideal powder for those with dry skin."

Color - It comes in one  shade which is a light beige color.  It is perfect for lighter skin tones, probably up to MAC NC25 skin tone
Texture - Finely milled powder, it goes on the skin very smooth like silk.  It does contain silk powder 
Finish - Natural finish with micro pearly shimmers.  The shimmers are detectable only if you look very close at the skin and under certain lighting.  It will give the skin a very subtle and pretty glow
Skin type - All.  It is especially good for dry skin because the powder contains hyaluronic acid
Price - $42 for 0.42 oz.
Repurchase? Yes.  I use this product as a setting powder.  I have been looking for a loose powder with a hint of shimmers for the holidays, this is perfect because it offers just enough shimmers and gives a lovely natural glow to the skin.  I also considered Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder in Feerie, Cafe Makeup did a great post on it a few days ago.  I think it is super pretty, but the sparkles seem to come in big pieces and they are very apparent on my skin.  I would be scared to use it all over my face.  I may still pick it up though and use it as a highlighter in the holiday season instead

Top:  Natural Lighting Powder
Bottom: Maifanshi Moisture Foundation
Powder and foundation blended out.  It is a heavy swatch of the foundation.
After both powder and foundation are blended out more, they blend into my skin very well.

Thanks for reading.  Overall, I highly recommend these products if you are looking for makeup with a very natural finish.  

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  1. The powder and foundation look like second skin on you. Very nice! :D And the powder has hyaluronic acid? I think that's the first time I've heard of such a thing. So cool! My skin tends to be on the dry side so I look for products that provide moisture.

    (Thanks! Yeah, I was hoping to take pics today but the sun didn't want to come out and instead it rained. =( Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow? =)

  2. Thank you . Will investigate further!

  3. it blended so well ! thanks for sharing :)
    anyway is it suitable for sensitive skin ?

    The Endless Wishlist

  4. I really like that these products are not made with artificial based ingredients. The micro pearl finish would be so pretty. Thanks for the review hun. I wonder if Koh Gen Doh is available near me.

  5. wow wow wow.. but at $62 *cough wheeze and kneels down* no where near my budget but I must admit I'm excited for you. The colours fits/blends in so well.

    No parabens. Niiiiiice

  6. Very good review.

  7. These work amazingly well for you!

  8. great review :) this product looks great!

  9. @Nixie, everyone's sensitivity level is different. My skin is not overly sensitive and I can handle it. Sometimes you have to try the product to know if it is right for you:)

  10. I bought this and I'm on the fence...i love it as a product itself, but I broke out soon after using it. I;m still playing with it though because i'm not 100% convinced it was this product that caused it (we had a snowstorm pretty much the day i started using it and my face was whipped by the wind while I cleaned off my car and I have been having problems with dry skin ever since). Especially since I have done a lot of research and have yet to find a single review anywhere (review sights, blogs, or sephora reviews) that states someone broke out because of this product. What do you think?

    1. Hi, Rachel, I personally never broke out from this foundation. If you take a break from it and try it again and you break out again, then you might be allergic to some ingredients in the foundation. Thanks for your comment and good luck!

  11. Hi Rola
    I'm about a nc20 and my perfect match is the By Terry cover-expert 3 cream beige (a fair yellow shade) Do you think the Koh Gen Do moisture in 112 would be a good match or should I also get the 123 for mixing in the 112? Thought maybe you have an idea of the shades. Barneys website can not send me shade 113 but other shades I can order, don't know why!
    Kind Regards D.

    1. It has been a while since I saw at this foundation at Barneys. I think 112 might work for NC20.


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