Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey Through My Eyes

Hello, I spent the last two weeks traveling through Turkey and I had the time of my life!  I love the people, the food, and the breathtaking sceneries in Turkey.  Though it was cold, we were blessed to have incredible dry weather while we were there.  I highly recommend you to visit Turkey if you haven't made your way to there yet.  The memories I had from Turkey will stay with me forever. Here are some of the highlights from my journey!

Thanks for reading.  Until next post......

Evil eyes

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Night scene from Istanbul

Lots of stray kitties and dogs everywhere in Turkey

Yummy fresh fish sandwich in Istanbul

Turkish tea

Local cheeses are so good

Kebabs and rice

Incredible view of Aegean Sea from our hotel in Kusadasi


Yogurt drink

One of my favorites, Turkish pizza made with flat bread for the crust



View from our hot air balloon in Cappadoccia


Turkish army at Ataturk Museum


  1. Welcome back =D Yum...the food looks so good! Thank you for sharing your trip pics!!

  2. Nice to be back to the blogsphere, thanks:)

  3. mmMm, the food pics are making me hungry! Glad you had an awesome time! :)

  4. Great pictures! And those foods look so delicious!
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