Tuesday, August 7, 2012

107 Posts Later

Hello, This blog is officially one year old!  I would like to extend a big "Thank You" to all my readers and fellow bloggers, you motivate me to keep going!  

I may not be posting as frequently as I did a year ago, but this is still my passion and my creative outlet despite the busy schedule.  

I leave you here with another new passion of mine, my baby koi fish.  I have had them for almost two months.  They are the cutest and they are very smart.  They have been trained to feed from our fingers, feeding times are so much fun!

Have a wonderful week!  And until next post......


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Rola!! I love your Koi! When I was a kid we had a few very large goldfish-- I actually think that one of them was a Koi that my mom mistakenly got-- they were very smart and fearless, and would take food right from our hands all of the time. They didn't even object to our cats drinking from their tank- this went on for many years, and without incident!

    1. Great story with your cats and koi:) This is my first experience with koi, they are the best and fearless like you said. Whenever they see or hear us come close to the pond, they swim towards us to the top of the water with their mouths open signaling us to feed them. They keep me entertained!

    2. Thanks! They really are remarkable creatures-- I think that it's so cool that you have them!

  2. Congrats and happy one year anniversary!

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  3. Congratulations on your blog anniversary.


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