Sunday, January 13, 2013

Best of 2012 Roundup - Body Care, Hair Care, Etc.

Hello, We already talked about my 2012 picks on skincare and makeup in the previous posts here and here.  This is the last (but not least) installment of the Best of 2012 Roundup, let's get on with it...

Body Care

It looks like soap, but it isn't!  Lush Body Butter in King of Skin is a skin conditioner that is meant to be used after cleansing on wet skin in the shower.  Be sure to keep it in a closed container or you will lose product if it is in contact with water.  It is so convenient to use, I can even skip lotion if I use this.  It is very moisturizing and nourishing.  There are five types of body butters available online at  I was informed in store that King of Skin is the most hydrating.  It smells creamy and really good!  Some of the ingredients are avocados and bananas, good enough to eat.  I highly recommend it!

Caudaline Divine Oil was my favorite all-purpose dry oil in 2012.  Read more about it here. Try it!

Hair Care 

When it comes to hair, it was year of Oribe for me!  My hair is thick, dry, and chemically treated constantly.  The Oribe products really keep my hair in tip top shape, my hair has become better conditioned and more shiny.  If you have similar hair to mine, you should consider trying Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color, a deep treatment for colored hair.  Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream is a leave-in conditioner that will tame and add shine to your hair.  Lastly, I am on my second mini bottle of Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray, still loving it!

Also, Ombre is still my favorite hair color look.  I like it because you can always tweak and customize your own look.  I am inspired by Song of Style, her hair is always beautiful...

Image via Song of Style


Gel nails has been on my radar in the last few years, but I actually started getting gel nails in 2012.  Do I love it?  Yes and no.  I love that the polish is super shiny and it can remain chip free for two weeks, but it is very drying for the nails and can look artificial.  

From my experience when I am wearing gel polish, it helps to use cuticle oil or any emollient oil on the entire nail and skin around the nail every day.  And if you can find nail salons that use non-toxic gel polish removers instead of Acetone, that will save your nails from becoming further dried out and damaged.  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out Nova Nail Spa.

Thanks for reading, until next post......

Gelish after one day
Gelish after two plus weeks

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  1. We can't believe that we have never tried the Lush King of Skin but it's on out wish list now! And that Oribe beach waves/shine spray looks and sounds awesome! Had never heard of that product.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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