Monday, October 10, 2011

San Francisco Magazine Fall Fest 2011

Hello, I attended San Francisco Magazine Fall Fest 2011 on Sunday.  The event was held at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco.  Thanks to my friend who was working at the event, she invited me as her guest. 

Boy, was I glad I went!  It was a foodies' heaven, the outdoor venue was taken over by a congregation of local restaurants, wineries, vendors, and music.  There were also chef demos, cocktails competition, and wine tasting seminars, etc...all in one place.  Meals on Wheels was one of the partners at the event.  Their mission is to provide isolated home bound seniors in San Francisco with nutritious meals, daily human contact, and supportive services to prevent their premature institutionalization.  The volunteers were on hand to accept on the spot donations.  Also, the proceeds from the raffle sales from the event all went to Meals on Wheels.

All in all, it was a perfect Sunday afternoon spent in glorious weather with the Blue Angels flying over us for only a short while (the air show was cancelled due to fog).  I managed to taste and drink almost everything in sight and snapped up some photos from the scene.

Until next post......

Crafts for the home
Tasty sardines 

Martin Yan was promoting his upcoming new restaurant in San Francisco, M.Y. China.

Sky Tea from Oakland

 Dried beets

Fondue from Cheese Plus


  1. OMG Martin Yan!!! i used to watch his show every wk when i was a kid hahaha oh didn't know he is opening a new restaurant. must go check it out when it opens :D

    ahhhh everything looks so yummy. how sweet of your friend to invite you!

  2. What a fun event!! I love Martin Yan!! Thanks for the pics!

  3. Your photos are mesmerising! Wonderful xx

  4. I just salivated looking at these pictures lol. The food looks sooo good.


  5. Yum! I need to be apart of this! That fondue looks amazing, and so do the sprinkles cupcakes!


    Erin @

  6. I love food events~ Those cupcakes are so cute and look yummy!

  7. What a great event! I've been to one a few days ago and I had so much fun! Those cupcakes really look amazing! Yum!

  8. So sad I miss this. I work right by Justin Herman plaza, too! I wasn't doing anything either - this would have been fun to have checked out!

  9. The food was AMAZING from Martin Yan's sweet and savory bbq pork buns to the cupcakes from Sprinkles.

    @lexi920, if you have the chance next year, it is a great event to check out.


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