Sunday, October 9, 2011

Indian Summer Weather Must Haves

Hello, Summer in the Bay Area is often mild and cool, that is why I love this time of the year because of the Indian Summer weather.  We have had several mini heatwaves since Fall has officially started.  I love the hot weather, but I want to protect my skin at the same time from aging and cancer.  These are some products that I think would help in prevention of both.  Let's check out my current must haves for Indian Summer weather.

Facial Sunscreen

Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF 30+ - After finishing the Sofina Beaute Sunscreen SPF 50 that I purchased in Hong Kong, I was not able to repurchase it from the US because I could not find the exact same product online. I wanted to try something new and decided to go with a brand that is more accessible to me.   Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF 30+ is a chemical and physical sunscreen in one.  It is wonderful in so may different ways.  First, it does not smell like a sunscreen, it smells like lavender.  Lavender oil is one of its ingredients.  Second, it is lightweight and goes on clear on the skin, so it will not leave a white cast.  Lastly, it is super hydrating for my dry skin and yet it does not break me out.  I usually wear this sun lotion over a moisturizer or serum and then put makeup on top of it.  The full listing of the ingredients can be found on Jurlique's website.  It is available in a frosted glass bottle in 30ml or 100 ml at Jurlique and Sephora.

Body Sunscreen

Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Sunscreen SPF 30 Body Cream - If you are not familiar with Lavanila Laboratories, the healthy fragrance was their first of many breakthrough products.  If you love vanilla notes in fragrances, you should try theirs.  I absolutely love their fragrances and will probably review them at some point in time.  Back to Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Sunscreen SPF 30 Body Cream, it is a 100% natural mineral sunscreen for the body.  It has a creamy consistency that is easily spreadable on the skin as compared to some other mineral sunscreens that I have tried in the past.  It will leave a white cast on the skin, but this is common with most mineral sunscreens.  It comes in a 4 oz tube and it is available at Sephora.

Lip Sunscreen

Lavanila The Healthy Lip Screen SPF30 - Don't forget sunscreen on your lips! I talked about Lavanila The Healthy Lip Screen SPF30 in this post.  For sanitary reasons, my only wish is that it would come in a lip balm stick instead of a tin container, I am not a big fan of dipping my fingers into lip balms.  Other than this, I think it is a great product.

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  1. i heard that the Sofina sunscreen is discontinued!! T_T glad the jurlique one works well though! i love lavender scents.

  2. Thanks for the review! I am always on the lookout for great sunblocks!


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