Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let's Zumba!

Hello, Dance aerobics has been popular for a while now and I have taken some different classes on and off in the past.  I only discovered Zumba last year and I absolutely love IT!  Like many of you, I get bored of the same routine at the gym.  Zumba offers a fun way to exercise and it is a total body workout.  I mean I sweat a lot in class, so it is a good sign!  What I love most about Zumba are:
  • The music that ranges from hip hop to latin to dance, so much fun to dance to!
  • Learning real dance moves that get incorporated into a full body workout
  • The more I do it, the more energy I get!
  • Fun for men and women of all ages.  I see many older ladies dancing their heart out to hip hop or whatever else in class, good for them!
My class is often like a scene from Flash Mob, a huge dance party with so much energy!  Until next post......


  1. looks fun! a lot of my friends have been doing this. they all say it's actually quite hard :D

  2. Reminds me of an African dance class I took a long time ago - you do sweat!

  3. Oh wow, I've been hearing a lot lately about this. My workouts consist in running and doing the 30 days shred but I will definitely try some Zumba one day, it seems such a fun workout idea.

  4. @SPT, it can be hard at the beginning, but you can always go at your own pace. There is only one level of this class at where I go. It depends on the instructors too, some teach more challenging moves than others.
    @Jamilla, African dance sounds like a lot of fun!
    @Andreea, I like running too when the weather is nice out. I heard good things about 30 Day Shred. How is it for you?

  5. Ooh, they have Zumba classes? I thought they just sold dvd's. This is very cool! My mom bought this and loves it. I've been meaning to steal it to try myself...hee hee. *^_^*

  6. @Shop N'Chomp, the website is a good resource in finding Zumba classes and licensed instructors near you...Maybe you can do Zumba with your Mom sometime, that would be fun:)

  7. I wish I could have lovely moves like the two girls!! I really need to start getting into a fitness routine especially that summer is approaching! Zumba seems so fun and I could so see myself exercising to hip hip! =D

  8. Thank you for your compliment about my hair~ I would totally love to see your new hair if you decide to get it cut =)

  9. I did zumba once but i didn't think it was that exhausting. Now i do x-co and it's so though but it gives you such a good feeling after a work-out!


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