Tuesday, June 26, 2012

IMATS Los Angeles

Hello, I returned home from a fabulous weekend in Los Angeles.  I was most excited about my first IMATS experience in Pasadena and it was bigger and better than I had imagined it to be.  I was like a kid in a gigantic toy store.  There were so many brands to explore, but so little time.  I went on Sunday and I had less than three hours to cruise through all the aisles at the event before heading home.  My only regret was not having more time, but it was not an epic fail.  I spotted many new brands and spent more time at those brands that are not accessible to me at home.

Some of the brands that really impressed me include Eve Pearl, Cinema Secrets, and Senna Cosmetics.  I love that I got to touch and try the products before buying at a discount at the event.  I would say all the brands sold their products with deep discount, IMATS is a very good place to stock up on all your wants and needs.  It was also interesting to see the different techniques used in the live makeup demonstrations.  

Eve Pearl in action

When in LA, I ate a lot of good food.  

Our snack before dinner from L to R - Ozzy, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Chili Cheese Stretch Dog

Tommy's in Burbank

Tommy's Chili Cheeseburger

I stayed at a nice hotel in downtown LA, Omni Hotel.

View from my room

Cool building in Venice

Lastly, shopping at Kitson on Robertson was icing on the cake...I look forward to attending IMATS again in the future, it is a must see for die hard makeup fans.

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next post......


  1. IMATS looks amazing! What a dream for any make up fan. Thanks for sharing some of your experience!
    It's almost lunch time here and I seem to be craving a chili dog now ;)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. If the lines weren't so long at Pink's, I would have gone back for more dogs while I was in LA. They are delicious:)

  2. What a fun weekend! The weather was really nice, wasn't it? :) My cousin was at IMATS too and had a lot of fun. And ooh you went to Tommy's! A lot of people just head to IN-N-OUT (which don't get me wrong is also delish) but Tommy's is an L.A institution too. I always ask for extra chili! Hee hee.

    1. The weather was the best! You are right, both Pink's and Tommy's are LA institutions. They need to branch out to SF:)

  3. Great pictures! I went to IMATS once and it was a lot of fun. Did you pick up any goodies from your trip?

  4. Hi, Kristie, I did, but not too much. I picked up the Eve Pearl Flawless Face Kit, Cinema Secrets eyeliners and concealers, and Senna blushes and lipglosses. These are brands that I haven't tried before. I wanted to get some OCC goodies too, but it was way too crowded at their booth...I hauled a blazer and earrings at Kitson too:)) Thanks for asking!

  5. Looks like you had a great time Rola! I've always wanted to be around for IMATS but still haven't found the chance! One of these days.... :)

  6. Hi, Andrea, I hope you can make it to IMATS at least one time, you will love it!


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