Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Current Favorite BB Creams

Hello, There are so many BB creams on the market and I have tried many of the popular brands.  The brands that came to mind are Hanskin, Dr. G, Kose, Dr. Jart, Lioele, Skin79, etc...  I do like BB cream over tinted moisturizer mainly because they have better coverage and they offer more skincare benefits such as anti-aging, sun protection, and whitening.  My current favorites are Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream and Skin 79 VIP Gold Collection Super + Beblesh Balm.

L - Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream
R- Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm

Both BB creams have really good medium coverage.  I like the color of Lioele better because it is more beige compared to Skin79 which has a grayish tint.  The grayish tint goes away once the cream is blended out on the skin and it actually looks quite natural.  Even though the Lioele color is a good match for me, it is more matte and can look flat on the skin at first. The dewiness is apparent on my skin after a couple of hours.  Skin79 also gives a pretty and dewy finish.  It seems that Skin79 claims to have more skincare benefits such as whitening, UV protection, and wrinkle improvement.   Lioele does not contain UV protection, so I always use a sunscreen underneath it.

My search for the perfect BB cream will continue.  The latest acquisition is The Face Shop HD-Perfect BB Cream in Natural Beige, I might review it once I get a chance to use it for a while.  

Do you have a HG BB cream?  Until next post......


  1. My current fave is the Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF 25 PA++ !

  2. I have the Lioele BB cream and I like it a lot!! Nice product!

  3. i have the skin79 one! wow they changed their packaging, so long & slim now hehe i agree, that 1 has a bit of a grey tint, makes me kinda ashy when i first apply

  4. I really got to get on the bandwagon w/these B&B creams! But I just feel like they would be too light for my skin tone!

  5. @lexi920, I read Missha makes BB creams in darker shades, so you may find something that's right for your skin tone.


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