Monday, February 13, 2012

Bouchon Bistro in Yountville, CA

Hello, For our pre-Valentine's celebration this past weekend, my husband and I headed to Yountville to have lunch at Bouchon Bistro.  Yountville is located in the heart of Napa Valley.  Bouchon Bistro is owned and operated by the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group.  In Yountville, Thomas Keller owns the famed French Laundry, Bouchon Bistro, and Ad Hoc.  Bouchon Bistro serves up an amazing French bistro menu.  The casual bistro atmosphere is well lit with natural light.  It is very cozy indoors with table seating very close to each other.  There is also outdoor seating with a limited number of tables on the Washington Street side. Bouchon Bistro also has two other locations in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills.

Unfortunately, Bouchon Bakery in Yountville is temporarily closed due to fire damage from last year, it is located next door to the restaurant.  So we did not get to try their famous macarons.   Our waiter informed us that the bakery is due to re-open in mid-March 2012.  I guess we will be making another trip there next month.  Due to the timing, we did not visit any wineries during this outing.  However, before heading home, we did make a quickie stop at the Napa Premium Outlets.  It is a relatively small outdoor outlet mall.  My favorite stores there include TSE, Barneys New York Outlet, and Cole Haan.  It was a great day spent in Napa Valley, good eats and shopping!  What more can a girl ask for?

Bone marrow

Beet salad

Boeuf Bourguignon

Lamb shank

Thanks for reading.  Until next post......

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  1. Olá Rola

    Apesar do atraso, Kinho e Eu, agradecemos seu carinho lá no blog, obrigada.


  2. Good eats and shopping sure sound like my idea of fun! The food looks delicious! I have not had occasion to dine at Thomas Keller's Per Se in NYC yet but I have visited Bouchon Bakery and can attest that the macarons are lovely. We even spotted Chef Keller walking around the Time Warner Center. Yes I'm one of those crazy people who recognizes everybody ;)

    1. Good eye on spotting Chef Keller. I must get those macarons next month:) Speaking of macarons, I did not realize Laduree has a shop in NYC. I missed it the last time I was there.

  3. the food looks amazing!! hopefully i'll get a chance to check it out one day. if i can even try just one of his restaurants i will be happy. doesn't hv to be French Laundry, i'm not picky hahahaha

    1. I was happy with the food and service at Bouchon. Check it out!

  4. Love Yountville and Love Bouchon!! Great haul!

  5. I love Bouchon! The boeuf bourguignon looks sooo delicious. XD Great food and shopping <---can't beat that!

    Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day :D


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