Wednesday, February 8, 2012

'Get Your Winter Glow On' Giveaway - Now Closed

Hello, I am so excited to hold my first giveaway marking the six-month anniversary of this blog.  There will be three products featured as prizes in the giveaway and one winner selected at random will take all.  These are wonderful products that will no doubt help you get your winter glow on!  And these are brands that I have tried and love, so I am spreading the love.  

Estée Lauder 'Pure Color' Illuminating Powder Gelee in 01 Topaz Chameleon

Via Google images
Acure Seriously Firming Facial Serum

Via Google images

Chanel Nail Colour in 539 June

Via Google images

Giveaway Rules:

1) Must be a follower through Google Friend Connect and a follower on Facebook or Twitter

2) Leave a comment below with your GFC name and how you get your winter glow on

3) +1 entry if you mention my giveaway on Facebook or Twitter 
    +2 entries if you mention my giveaway in your sidebar
    +3 entries if you write a post on my giveaway

4) Giveaway closes at 5pm (US Pacific time zone) on Friday, February 17

5) Open to international readers

Good luck!  Until next post......


  1. wowww great giveaway!! congrats on the 6month anniv :D

    GFC: ShinyPrettyThings
    posted on sidebar:

    thank you!! XD

  2. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! I'm following as Ahleessa.

  3. GFC - Makeupforprofessionalasianwomen

  4. Your giveaway is awesome.

    Liked you on FB - Alexandra Rose
    Following on Twitter - @alexandrarose8
    Following on GFC - Alexandra Rose

    How I get my winter glow on?.... it's dangerous but true... I take cold showers! It gets the blood circulation going, gives an instant energy boost and has lots of other great benefits. It's my secret weapon :-)

  5. Lovely giveaway!

    I'm following you as Bows are cute and you can find my sidebar on:

    Love Katrien

  6. Congrats on your 6 month blogiversary!
    I get my winter glow by exfoliating and moisturizing religiously.
    GFC: rolala

  7. Lovely giveaway, Rola! Congratulations.

    GFC: lolassecretbeautyblog
    Liked you on Facebook: lolassecretbeautyblog (lola seicento)
    Posted on my blog:

    I love the idea of getting your winter glow on!!!

  8. LOVE your blog. Sadly I don't do Faceboot or Tweet so... but pulling for all those ladies who do! Congrats on your 6 month anniversary!!!!

  9. Congrats on your blogversary, Rola! I'm not joining the giveaway b/c I'm not on Facebook or Twitter (cavewoman but wanted to thank you for your kind words. :) We're taking it day by day.

  10. GFC: Juliana
    I get my summer glow on by moisturizing daily!


  11. love it!!!!!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Whoaa, congrats Rola, your blog is 6 months old! I'm so happy for you and proud (it's weird but i do feel proud :P)

    I would love to write a giveaway on my blog since this is great but I'm leaving for a holiday soon *kicks herself*

    so just one entry for me T.T

    GFC Hevn
    So how I get my winter glow on?
    I would tell you if only we had Winter here...Live in the tropics where it's either hot, hothothot or rainy (isn't often) *sigh*

  13. I get my winter glow by moisturizing too! ;)
    I'm a new follower on GFC (fisiwoman) and twitter (@Fisigiawa).

    Ana Belén R.M

  14. Congrats on 6 months! :) I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 and I'm a fan on Facebook (Kate Ryan).

    I also tweeted here:!/NTFancy/status/168557926145990656

    I get my Winter glow on by changing moisturisers, I use a heavier one during the colder months to compensate for the dryness I get then.

    kate1485 at

  15. I'm a follower through Google Friend Connect (Aik) and a follower on Facebook (Aik Chien). I don't get any winter glow as I'm living in Malaysia, a small country near the equator. We have summer all year long. :)

    +1 entry if you mention my giveaway on Facebook

    +2 entries if you mention my giveaway in your sidebar

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  16. GHi,
    GFC : Camelia Andrasescu
    I get my winter glow from a bronzer.
    FB : Adriana Camelia Andrasescu Scrieciu
    Twitter : @cameliaadriana
    Share on FB :
    Email :
    Thank you

  17. Thanks for the chance
    GFC- soccermom1
    FB- Rondah S
    Twitter- rjs682
    I use a bronzer to get a glow

    Email- rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  18. I use spray tans
    GFC- tmc480
    twitter- @tmc480
    Email: tmc480 at yahoo dot com!/tmc480/status/169277546733645827

  19. I use bronzers
    *twitter- ryanac32
    *fb- Ryana C
    *email- ryanac32 at yahoo dot com
    ** FB share link

  20. Hello, you commented on my blog so I came to visit your blog. I like what I see!

    I use my Dior bronzer to give me a little bit of a glow.
    GFC: Natalie Nguyen
    Twitter: @natikiru
    Facebook: I shared but have no clue how to get the link. I have timeline. All I have is this as evidence -

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  21. To get a nice glow during the Winter I always make sure to put on a pretty pink blush while I'm doing my makeup! I also put on an extra coat of mascara.
    I feel like if I don't have those two products on my face I look sleep and washed out. Not a good look for anyone! Although a nice glow isn't too hard to achieve here in sunny Florida! :)
    My GFC name is TiffanyApril. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  22. Hi Rola! I'm following you on Twitter as @bite_size_baker and GFC as Margaret. Congrats on making the 6 month blogging mark! :-) I always make sure to moisturize my skin in the winter because it is especially prone to dryness, I add color on my skin with a tiny bit of blush and voila! :-)



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