Saturday, September 3, 2011

Best of August Roundup - Skin Care

Hello, I finally got around to start a monthly favorites post.  I hope it is not too late, so here I am starting with the Best of August Roundup.  I will mention one item from each of the categories of skin care, makeup, body care, and fragrance.  These are products that I reach to the most everyday in the past month and there are good reasons why I think highly of each one of them.

Skin care

I have been using Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial throughout the past four months or so.  I admit that I was intrigued by the product's name that it claims to be an "Overnight Facial".  It sounds like every busy woman's dream, right?  My curiosity led me to Space NK in Bloomingdale's, I wanted to feel and smell  the product before buying it.  When I first pumped the product out from the tester, I was completely taken by surprise that this product was an oil  because I was expecting it to be a cream mask for some reason.  l have an obsession for facial oils anyway, so I was sold!  Overall, I like the product, my skin does look clear and hydrated in the morning after using it at night.  It does not clog the pores in my skin.  It is a night treatment, however, I do not see why you can't use it during the day if you have very dry skin and when you need that extra quench of moisture.

Product breakdown

Ingredients - Some of the ingredients include Vitamin A, C, E, peptides, and blend of Abyssinian Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Melon Oil, and other essential oils.  See back label of all the ingredients in the picture above.  It is mostly natural and paraben free
Texture - Oil.  It has a consistency of a cross between an oil and serum, not too thick or too runny.  I did not get a chance to take pictures of the actual product before I used it to the last drop this past week
Scent - Floral from Jasmine and Rose.  It may be strong to those who are sensitive or allergic to fragrances
Skin type - Normal to Dry
Price - $89 for 0.5 fl oz. 
Repurchase? - Maybe.  Although I like the product, the price is stopping me from buying this too frequently.  I would like to find a cheaper version and good quality facial oil.  Can anyone give me some recommendations?

August Roundup on makeup, body care, and fragrance will be posted shortly, please stay tune.  Until next post......


  1. I have not tried this but sounds like a good hydrating product.
    Thanks for the review and looking forward to your August favourites! =D

  2. Oh I love facial oils too. I am absolutely hooked on Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate oil for bedtime. Cannot be without. Kiehls has such a generous sampling program- if you love facial oil, you must give this one a try! At under $45 you can't go wrong! A little goes a long way and I get around 3 months from a bottle.

  3. Thanks, Daly Beauty. Kiehl's sounds good, I will look into it.


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