Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cheap Beauty Treatment - Sleep

Hello, "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise", this is the proverb my lovely Mom has drilled into my head since I was a small child.  As I grew older, I threw this practice out the door, completely ignored it, and developed some horrible sleeping patterns.  The worse part was at times it turned into INSOMNIA.  I despise this word with a passion!  I confess I need at least 8 hours of beauty sleep in order to function and look human the next day, and it is not always easy to do as I got older.  Here are some culprits that disrupt my night:
  • Caffeine late in the day - it does not impact me every time, but it is best for me to avoid drinking my favorite cup of joe or milk tea late in the day.
  • Light and noise - my significant other is a late owl and likes to catch the late night news or a movie after 11pm.  Unfortunately, the bedroom is right next to the living room and I am very sensitive to the light and noise.  I have to keep the bedroom's door completely closed off to block the light and the TV noise level. 
  • Too much stimulation - I like to watch TV, surf the internet, and blog before bed.  I find that  it is best for me to take a long break after I do all of the above before bed.  Otherwise, my brain stays overly stimulated and active and I can't fall asleep.
  • Eating too late and too much - this stimulates the digestive system and causes the body to stay awake because it stays hard at work.
  • Sleep pattern - we all have an internal clock.  If  I go past my normal bed time one night, my body clock will be off and follow the next night.  So establishing a normal sleep pattern is very important to me.
  • Stress- Last, but not least.  I accumulate stress from work during the day and it used to cause me to think and analyze too much while I was trying to sleep.  I have learned to detach myself from work by not checking work emails and not discuss work at home if possible.
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As you know, lack of quality sleep can cause a host of mental and physical problems.  It can also affect our appearance.  In this CNN Health article, a team of Swedish researchers studied the correlation between sleep and beauty.  As quoted by the lead author of the study, "Sleep is a cheap and effective 'beauty treatment'".  It is interesting and so true, now go get a good night sleep! 

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  1. Sleep is indeed a good treatment for the skin. I remember when I had a good sleeping program, my skin was so amazing, it glowed and it looked so good. But nowadays I don't have enough time to sleep or I have a weird sleeping program and most of the time I compensate with coffee.

  2. Drink more water if you are drinking a lot of coffee, it has a diuretic effect if consumed in large amounts....It would be nice if I could sleep 12 hours a night, I think I would look 10 years younger!

  3. This is so true, sleep, plenty of water and a healthy diet is 100 times better than a makeover! xxx


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