Wednesday, August 17, 2011

10 Makeup Mistakes Tag

Hello, I first saw this tag on Makeup by Ren Ren's blog, I thought it was interesting and boy do I have my fair share of makeup blunders since I started wearing makeup in my teens!  Here is my Top 10 Makeup Mistakes, in no particular order:

1)  Using expired makeup -  this symbol represents the useful life of a personal product after the package has been opened for the first time.  You will find this symbol on the packaging and/or on the label of the pot/bottle/can containing the cosmetic product.  When in doubt, toss it  if the texture and smell of the product changes.

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2)  Over plucked eyebrows - Yikes, the thin eyebrows I sported in the past made me look aged as opposed to thicker eyebrows exuding youthfulness.  Not to mention as I got older, the hairs did not grow back in some spots leaving bald spots. Sigh.

3)  Penciled eyebrows - I used to draw on my eyebrows with a black brow pencil, it made me look too harsh.  I still prefer pencil, but I found a softer brown color and use it only to fill in bald spots rather than drawing in the entire brow.  Eyeshadow powder or brow powder work well too.

4)  Too much eyeliner - those raccoon eyed years in high school were scary!  I cringe whenever I see my old photos.  I was young and loved my black eyeliner a little too much.  I had a heavy hand and laid it on good on the top and bottom of my eyes.  I was liberated when I softened up my eyes when I started college, good move and never again in my life.
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5)  Too much powder foundation - I only wore powder foundation in my teens and twenties because I had oilier skin then. I would pile on the powder with a sponge and did not know how to blend it out well.  You can pick up more product on a sponge than with a powder brush.  On top of that, I would powder my face a gazillion times a day until I was Cake face.  Never again!  Now I prefer liquid foundation with powder over the T-zone because this is the only area that gets shiny. This gives me a more natural and polished look.

6)  Too light or dark foundation - I have been matched with foundation that is utterly the wrong color for me.  When I am at the store getting matched with a new foundation, I would do the following:

a) Get matched in three shades closest to my skin tone, then I can compare and tell which shade matches the best to my skin tone.
b) Ask the MUA to put the best matched shade in a big patch closest to the jawline, so I can see it better and it should match closely to the color on my neck.
c) The store lighting is artificial, so I would take a hand held mirror and step outside to inspect the color on my face in natural light. 
d) When in doubt, take some samples home.  Take your time to try them out in natural light until you find the best shade that works for you.

7)  Wearing makeup to bed - There were so many nights I wore makeup to bed without proper cleansing.  This is a big No No.  I did not exfoliate as much back then and had major clogged pores.  My skin became irritated with pimples.  I learned my lessons.

8) Too much concealer under eyes - Using too much concealer will only accentuate the fine lines under the eyes.  I find the more watery formula works best under the eyes, blend it out well and less is always more. 

9)  Sharing makeup with friends - My friends and I used to share our makeup when we were younger.  I love my friends, but sharing makeup is not hygienic.  You can cross contaminate the products without knowing it.  This is not advisable.

10)  Wearing strong perfume in hot weather - I threw in this No No even though it is not makeup, but this is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I did not realize it when I did it, but it can be suffocating and offensive to the people around you.

What are your makeup mistakes?  Until next post......


  1. ARGHHHHHH!! This brings back horrible memories of smeared eyeliner for me. GOD! I wish I could go back and give myself a lesson or two on make up


  2. I did the too much eyeliner thing when I was a rocker in high school....oh man I looked was not even smokey eyes or something pretty. It was just me looking like I just worked in a coal mine for 24 hours. I love this post, it's so true!


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