Monday, August 22, 2011

Becca Pressed Shimmer Powder and Bronzing Powder

Hello, I am a fan of Becca Cosmetics.  I love the urban chic brown rubber packaging and I think the quality and colors of the products can't be beat.  I was elated when I found some of the Becca Cosmetics on sale at a local beauty supply store this summer, so I stocked up.  I was like a kid in a candy store!  I picked up some shimmer powders, lip glosses, eye colours, and creme blushes!  Today I will show you four pressed shimmer powders and one pressed bronzing powder (unfortunately, I did not get this one on sale, bummer!).

Angel - Pale Silvery Pink

Nefertiti - Golden Pink

Odette - Golden Peach Pink

Princess - Golden Rose

Lambada - Medium Golden Bronze

What do I think?

Color - Angel and Nefertiti are highlighters for me because they are very light in color when applied on my skin.  They add light to the skin and it is a nice subtle glow.  Odette and Princess are more pigmented, so I use them as blushes.  This is the second time I purchased Princess.  Lambada is a matte bronzing powder, good as a bronzer or contour
Texture - Finely milled powder, they go on very smooth
Finish - Not overly shimmery even though they are called shimmer powder.  The bronzer is matte
Skin type - All
Price - High.  Retail for $38, however, I purchased the pressed shimmer powders at a deep discount
Repurchase? - Yes

Until next post......


  1. One of my favourite YouTube make up guru BeautyQQ is also a big fan of Becca Cosmetics but I never knew where to get them but seeing the price.. *gulp*
    But the colours are very pretty, hopefully I'll find the counters someday and get to try them out

  2. I love Queenie Chan aka BeautyQQ too, she is creative and has a good and wacky sense of humor:) I have seen Becca cosmetics at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, but I am not sure where you can find it in your country. Sorry.

  3. Actually, try emailing an inquiry through their website, they were very responsive on my questions. I recall they did give me locations near my home where their products are sold. Good luck!


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