Saturday, August 13, 2011

Burberry Makeup Review - Foundation, Blush, Eyeliner

Hello, I have been eyeing the Burberry Sheer Foundation that has been out on the market for some time now.  Last month I headed to the Burberry Makeup counter at Nordstrom to check it out.  I purchased their lipstick and blush before and they are very good quality products.  The packaging is beautiful with the famous Burberry check and most if not all products are made in Italy.  I knew I was not going to come home empty handed and disappointed.  I ended up purchasing the Sheer Foundation in Trench No. 04, Light Glow Tangerine Blush in No. 06, and Eye Definer in Midnight Blue No.04.

What do I think?

Sheer Foundation

Color - the MUA matched me in shade Trench No. 4.  It is a light neutral shade which is a good match for my light slightly yellow-toned skin.  The foundation color range is for most light to dark medium skin tones
Texture - light, creamy, and it smoothed out my pores
Coverage - Medium and buildable
Finish - Luminous and flawless
Skin type - Normal to Dry
Price - High.  $52 for 1 fl. oz., this is steep!
Lasting Power - 4-5 hours without powder, longer with powder
Repurchase? - Yes

Love the Burberry check on the powder blush and that it came with a brush

Light Glow Blush

Color - Tangerine in No. 06.  The name is deceiving, it is not an orange or coral color. It is a matte pink nude color that looks super natural and gives a hint of flush on light toned skin
Texture - Luxurious, thanks to the finely milled powder
Skin type - Any
Price - High $42
Repurchase?- Maybe.  This is a splurge for me, I think I can find comparable blushes for less

Eye Definer

Color - Midnight Blue No. 04, blue is the new black this fall!  It is a dark navy blue, looks black from a distance
Formula - creamy and smooth, not water resistant, and it smudges easily
Price - High $27
Repurchase ? - No.  I like the color, but I prefer formulas that are longer lasting and water resistant

What do you like in the Burberry Makeup line?  Until next post......

1/20/12 Edit:  For the Sheer Foundation, I have switched to No. 6 which is a truer match to my current skin tone.  No. 4 has become a bit too light for my skin.


  1. Thanks, Jamilla:) I look forward to your new posts this week.

  2. I would love to see you in this. The foundations sounds wonderful!
    Oh wait, don't think we have a Burberry cosmetic counter here. Aiks. But I would still love to see you in it :D

    p.s: Thank you for being such a sweetie and I really appreciate you offering your help. I usually wait for friends to head over to the US cause then I get to be a bloody cheapskate and skimp on the shipping XD
    But thank you and thank you for offering!!

  3. @hevn, I am a bit camera shy to post my own mug at the moment, lol. I will consider it though...And you are welcome!

  4. LOl, it's alright then, post them when your comfy.

    The Burberry blusher is so tempting..


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