Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Bar Method, Balletone, Ballet

Hello, Do you want a dancer's body?  I do!  For the new year, I am looking into new exercise classes such as The Bar Method or Balletone.  I got some information from my co-worker who started taking The Bar Method classes.  It is a blend of fat burning, strength training, and dance conditioning exercises.  They work a lot with the bar like the Ballet dancers would when they train.  She has only been to two classes and she felt the burn in the muscles all over.  I have some ballet background, so Balletone also appeals to me.  The training techniques are drawn from a mix of Ballet, Pilates, and fitness.  I think both The Bar Method and Balletone would be good moderate exercise classes that are fun and effective.  We could all use some moderate impact exercises once in a while, to tone it down a notch from all the high impact exercises that we do.  What type of exercises do you enjoy doing to keep fit?

I found a YouTube documentary trailer on one of my Classical Ballet teachers, Kathy Mata.  She is a wonderful experienced teacher.  I learned so much from her classes.  I may even go back to take her classes if my schedule works out.  We are never too old to learn Ballet!  Check out this clip and until next post......


  1. I love ballet! (Used to take classes for fun as a kiddo :) I've heard of the Bar Method but not Balletone. My fave exercise is walking. I know, really boring...hehe. ;P

    (Yes, Desert Hills Premium Outlet! I was there two weeks ago. Wish I lived

  2. I love what i see here!

  3. @Shop N'Chomp, I enjoy walking too when the weather is nice, especially the hilly streets in the city. It is really good for the backside, lol. I also like going to the hiking trails from time to time.

  4. Rola,
    I've done Bar Method at the Embarcadero. It's great but SO expensive!! Also, I felt like I didn't see the results I wanted, okay I only did this for a month so I shouldn't expect major results. Also, pair this with cardio! I joined Equinox last year and I got the results I wanted. Well, I also changed my diet and hired a trainer.

    1. The Bar Method is offering unlimited classes in January for $100, but you are right that the classes are quite expensive normally. Thanks for sharing your experience and I am glad that you are able to get the results you wanted. Equinox sounds great.


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