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Tom Ford Beauty - Foundation Stick, Translucent Finishing Powder, Cheek Color, and Brow Sculptor

Hello, Tom Ford Beauty was probably the hottest release of any new brands in cosmetics in 2011. Tom Ford Beauty is a high end line of cosmetics and skincare that exudes the image of luxury and glamour.  I was very curious about the line after reading about it on different blogs and websites while anticipating its launch.  After the launch, it did not take long before I got reeled in to Neiman Marcus and it did not take much before I picked out the products I wanted when I saw the entire display at the counter.  I realized the prices of the products are certainly not cheap, but the quality did come through for me.  The products that I picked up and currently loving are:

Traceless Foundation Stick in Natural 05

Coverage - Medium to high and very buildable
Color - I wear 05 Natural which has yellow undertone.  I also tried 04 Bisque, it has pink undertone and actually darker than 05 Natural
Finish - Polished and dewy.  It gives the skin a nice glow without being greasy.  It is never masky looking even after I built up or touched up with more product
Scent - Light scent
Skin type - Normal to Dry
Price - $78 for 0.5oz.
Lasting Power - It is very long lasting even without finishing powder.  I prefer to wear this foundation by itself because I like glowy and dewier looks in the cooler months
Repurchase? Yes.  I compared it other foundation sticks that I currently own or have owned such as Bobbi Brown, Becca, and Shu Uemura and I really think this is the best one.  It works the best for me because it is very hydrating for dry skin and I love the coverage and finish.  It is easy to carry and great for touch up and concealing

Top:  Traceless Foundation Stick in 05 Natural may look darker on my arm, but it is the perfect match when it is  blended out on my face
Bottom:  Cheek Color in 01 Love Lust light swatch

Cheek Color in 01 Love Lust

Color - Pink coral, probably one of the more natural and more wearable colors in the selection of cheek colors.  It is very pigmented
Texture - The powder is creamy which is great for those with drier cheeks
Finish - Has shimmers, but not overdone.  In my opinion, it is suitable for daytime if you use a light hand with it
Skin type - All
Price - $55
Repurchase? - Maybe. Although I like the creamy texture and pigmentation, I find that there is a lack of color choices for me.  The other colors are too vibrant or too dark for my skin tone.  They would be great for those who have darker skin tones or those who are not afraid to experiment with strong colors

I compared Love Lust to Nars Deep Throat.  Both blushes are similar in color, but the texture of Love Lust is creamier.  It also has more shimmers than Deep Throat, I am not sure if you could pick that up in the photo here:

Top:  Tom Ford Beauty Love Lust
Bottom:  Nars Deep Throat

Translucent Finishing Powder in 02 Ivory Fawn

Color - Even though it is called a translucent finishing powder, it does have a hint of color.  It is a neutral color good for light to light-medium skin tone
Texture - Fine and smooth powder, not chalky
Finish - Natural finish that controls shine on the T Zone.  I can't use it all over because I have dry skin
Skin type - All.  It would be ok for oily skin too because it does help control shine, but without being too mattifying
Price - $75
Repurchase? No.  I like that it came with a mini brush and not a face puff.  But for finishing powder, I think I can find cheaper alternatives that can do the job just as well

Brow Sculptor in 02 Taupe

Color - Grayish brown.  Very natural looking for darker brows
Formula - Goes on easily and long lasting
Price - $42
Repurchase ? - Maybe.  I like the flat shaped tip that makes it easy to fill in the brow following the shape of the brow

Brown and gold signature packaging

Overall,  despite of the price point, I feel very positive about my purchases.  If you are looking for good quality makeup and do not mind spending more, then give Tom Ford Beauty a try.  You will not be disappointed.  

Have you tried any of these products or other products from Tom Ford Beauty?  Until next post......

1/24/12 Edit:  I got re-matched on the Foundation Stick in 03 Fawn.  05 Natural is too orange and 04 Bisque is too pink and both colors are too dark for my skin.  03 Fawn is more neutral in tone and lighter than both 04 Bisque and 05 Natural.  I am happy that the Tom Ford Product Specialist at Neiman Marcus was able to help me find the right color.  I also picked up their Traceless Foundation in 03 Fawn, it is very glowy and beautiful on the skin!


  1. I LOVE Tom Ford! I also have the finishing powder, blush, several lipsticks, blush, and highlighter! Thanks for the tip on Shade 5 - I found all his foundations too pink for me - No. 5 may just do the trick!!

    1. I switched to 03 Fawn. 05 Natural might work if I am more tanned.

  2. Ooo interesting post and thank you for the review. I had the impression that everything of Tom Ford is going to be fantastic considering it cost a lot of money.

    Wanted to ask if you prefer the Burberry blusher or Tom Ford but I;m guessing you like the Burberry one better :D

    1. I definitely like the color range and the price point of Burberry, but the Tom Ford's blusher has the creamiest texture. It feels so nice and looks amazing on the cheeks.

  3. Great post! the blush looks absolutely gorgeous, such a pretty shade!! I have a lipstick from Tom Ford and really adore it. The quality is superb.

    1. I want to try his lipsticks too. Everyone seems to like them.

  4. I've tagged you again!

    1. Thanks for tagging me. I will work on it:)

  5. Sweet collection you've got there! :) I only own one item (a lipstick) from Tom Ford Beauty. *sad face*

    (I took a pic of my hair afterwards but it turned out kinda lame. Guess I could still post it. We'll see :P)

  6. I haven't tried any of TF make up, but I will try the blush, it is one of the things I use everyday, and many times in a day due to my pale skin. Love the shade!

    Take care.

  7. Hi my friend

    I love Tom Ford makeup.


  8. I'd love to be able to stock up! ;) But seeing as I just got my Jumbo not too long ago, I'm afraid that's not happening. T_T Oh if only money grew on trees... How about you? Do you have plans to stock up before the price hike?


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